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How can I connect to my Database using SQL Server Management Studio Express 2008?

Once you have installed SQL Server Management Studio Express 2008 you can use this tool to connect to, and administer, your MS SQL database.

Before you connect to your database you will need the following details.

  • Database IP address

  • Database username

  • Database password.


Step 1
Open SQL Server Management Studio Express 2008. The Connect to Server box will appear. Enter the following:

  • Server type: Select Database Engine from the drop down menu.

  • Server name: Enter the IP address of your database. This information is shown within your DNN4Less control panel.

    • Server Port: Specify the port by appending the database name with a colon (or comma) and the port number e.g.,,14330 . (replace with your actual domain name)

  • Authentication: Select SQL Server Authentication from the drop down menu.

  • Login: Enter your database username. This is the username you chose when you created your database.

  • Password: Enter your database password. This is the password you chose when you created your database.


Step 2
Click Connect to connect to the database server. A list of all databases on the server will be displayed in the left hand window.

While you will see other databases listed, you will only have permissions to view and administer your own database. Expand the menus to navigate to your database from the list.


If your Domain's Name Servers are not set to DNN4Less Name Servers [,14330] will not work, in this case you can use your website's IP address [,14330] 

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