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Can I use mod_rewrite on my server?

Many blogging, content management, ecommerce and other packages use unfriendly URLs.

For example

This may make it harder for website visitors to remember links to individual pages on your website and for search engines to find your content.

You can present friendlier, easier to remember, search engine friendly URLs to your website visitors by using mod_rewrite on our shared Linux servers.

Example with mod_rewrite:

mod_rewrite with third-party software

If you use a relatively recent PHP blogging or content management system, it's likely that you'll be able start using friendly URLs straight away. Many other packages also have built-in support for friendly URLs with mod_rewrite.

Your software's documentation will show you how to start using mod_rewrite.

mod_rewrite with your own scripts

Our servers use Apache's standard mod_rewrite, enabling you to create applications that are user friendly, search engine ready and help to reduce malicious access to the inner workings of your code.

You can find further details on how to implement mod_rewrite at:

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