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Where do I upload my website files?

When you set up your webhosting, we will automatically create some directories within your webspace for you.

  • httpdocs

  • logfiles

After connecting to your web space with an FTP program you will be automatically logged into the httpdocs folder. You can naviage up a level to see the other directories we have created.


  • httpdocs: All your web content should be stored in this directory, or a sub-directory of this. Your home page should be within this directory and should be named index or default. Within the httpdocs folder, you will see that another subdirectory has been created.

  • cgi-bin: The cgi-bin directory is for files that require execute permissions. For example Perl or Python scripts, or compiled CGI. HTML and PHP files will not work if placed in this directory.

  • logfiles: The logfiles directory contains the raw logfiles for your domain. This is where any monitoring software such as Matrixstats will get the information needed to show you website statistics. You should not upload any files to this directory.



FTP software will allow you to upload files in different formats. Perl and Python scripts should be uploaded in ASCII, while compiled CGI should be uploaded in binary.


What to Call your Home Page

When someone visits a folder on your website, the webserver will look for the default document within your httpdocs folder. Our webservers are configured to look for a file called index or default, to display as your home page.


While it is good practice to have just one default file within your htdocs folder, if you have more than one, the server will display whichever is highest on its precedence list. The order that it chooses a default page is slightly different, depending on the type of server you are using.


Below is a list of default files, with the highest priority at the top.

  • default.html

  • default.asp

  • index.htm

  • index.html

  • index.php


  • default.aspx

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