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Why are my webscript emails not arriving?

If emails from a web based script are not arriving it is likely that they are not being sent, or that they are being blocked at the point of origin. There are a number of things you can check however to ensure that your script complies with DNN4Less sending policys.
  • DNN4Less filters all outgoing email. These must have a From or To address that is a domain hosted with DNN4Less. Any email not fulfilling these criteria is stopped.

  • If you are sending email to a customer who has given you their email address, you need to use the domain name of their site (but it does not need to be a valid mailbox, for example is a fairly common one to use). If you want the customer to reply to the email you must use a valid account.

  • DNN4Less' SMTP Filter System limits the outgoing mail from a domain to prevent bulk emailing. The limits are set to allow normal form based email activity to pass unhindered, but stop any persistent attempt to send bulk mail.

  • Do not use your site for mass/bulk emailing. The SMTP filter system will prevent this, and all attempts are logged. Attempting to bulk email will lead to your site being closed by our abuse department

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