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How to Stop Spam Email?

Spam is unsolicited email, usually of a commercial nature, which is mass distributed to newsgroups, multiple mailing lists and individuals.1 If you are tired of dealing with unsolicited junk mail clogging your email accounts, follow the steps in this guide to learn how to stop spam email.

Here are some simple things that you can do:

  1. Don't Open Spam: Don't open messages, don't click on any of their links, and don't buy anything from a spam-advertised site. People get tricked every day into opening spam messages, clicking on their links and buying what they're selling.
  2. Don't Respond to Spam: Responding to a spam email in any way just proves to the spammer that yours is a working email address and that you actively check your emails. Many spammers are actually just looking for email addresses that work. Don't click on any link that says "Unsubscribe" or "Click Here if you Don't Want to Receive Any More Emails". These are just ways for spammers to confirm that you have read the email.
  3. Delete and Mark Spam: It is always a good idea to delete spam emails as soon as you get them. But before you delete them, make sure you mark them as Spam in your email client. Most email clients will allow you to mark certain emails as Spam. This helps the email client identify similar emails in the future and prevent them from finding their way into your inbox.5
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