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How do I modify advanced DNS settings on a domain?

If your domain name is registered in your control panel and is using DNN4Less Nameservers, you can access the advanced DNS section of your control panel. This will allow you to point different services on your domain name elsewhere.


Using your control panel, you can change the following records for your domain:

  • A Records: An A Record allows you to point the website of a domain name towards a specific IP address, allowing you to host a domains website in a different location than its other services.
  • CNAME record: Canonical Name records (CNAME for short), allow you to set up alias of your domain name to point towards another A record. This could be on your domain name, or on a separate domain name.

You cannot point a CNAME record towards an IP address.

  • X Records: Mail eXchange (MX) records allow you to point your email towards different mail servers. Adding multiple MX records allows you to send email to an alternate mail server if your primary server fails.
  • TXT Records: Text (TXT) records can be added to a domain name to add additional information for anyone looking up your domain. In recent times they have also been used to store data to be used by other protocols, such as SPF records.

  • AAAA Records: AAAA records work in the same way as A records, however, rather than pointing a website towards an IPv4 IP address ( for example), they will point a website towards an IPv6 address (such as : c32:2214:ff2a)

  • Glue Records: These records are used if you are creating your own nameservers. By creating glue records, you will be registering these new nameservers with the global registry’s.

A Records
  • Host name: This is the sub domain name you would like to use for your A record. for example.

  • IP Address: Enter the IP address you would to point the new host name towards. for example.


If you are pointing the A record towards your DNN4Less webserver, the IP address of your website can be found within your control panel. Don’t forget to update the root and the www record. Additional A records can be set up for other services.


CNAME Records

  • Host Name: This is the name of the alias you would like to set up. for example.
  • Points To: This is the A record that you would like to point your CNAME record to. for example.

MX Records

  • Points To: Enter the name of the mail server you would like to send email to. for example
If you have mailboxes set up with DNN4Less, our mailserver is
  • Priority: This sets the order in which servers will attempt to send email to your domain name. The lower the number the higher the priority. This will not send copies of your emails to multiple mail servers, and making the MX record a higher priority will not deliver email to the domain faster.

  • The addition of multiple MX records is designed purely to enable some fault tolerance within your email. If your main mailserver should fail for any reason, your emails will be directed to the next mail server on the list and so on.


TXT Records

  • Hostname: This is the name you would like to give to your Host record. This could be anything you like. If you are adding an SPF record, this should be the name of your domain name (without the www.)

  • Value: This is the content of your TXT record. This could be a comment, or an SPF record.

If you are using only DNN4Less Advanced or Exchange mailboxes to send email you can use “v=spf1 a ip4: mx ~all” as your SPF record, where;
  • V = Version of SPF
  • A = The A record of the domain is authorized to send mail
  • MX = the MX record (mail server) is authorized to send mail
  • Ipv4: approves our SMTP servers
  • ~all = Any email servers sending email from your domain name that are not listed ‘softfail’ – this means they will still be allowed , however we’re advising that it’s not an authorized server.  Changing this to –all will stop servers not listed from sending mail, provided the end mailbox checks SPF records associated with your domain name.

AAAA Records

  • Hostname: This is the name you would like to use for your A record. for example.
  • IP Address: Enter the IPv6 address you would like to point the new host name towards. 5fd4:0044:a3b1:526a for example.
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