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HTTP Error 404.17 - Not Found

" HTTP Error 404.17 - Not Found, The requested content appears to be script and will not be served by the static file handler. "


  • You have migrated your web site from IIS 6.0 to IIS 7.0
  • You are trying to change ASP.Net version from 2 to ASP.Net Version 4
  • You are trying to upgrade your DotNetNuke Version (Ver.5 and up)


The 404.17 error indicates dynamic content mapped to the static file handler but that handler mapping does not apply for the current pipeline mode (integrated/classic), bitness (32/64 bits) or even version. The pre-selected setup defaults of IIS 7.0 only provide the IIS modules required to support static content, you would normally need to have multiple mappings to for any extensions for it to work across all possible combinations of those things.


  • Please make sure the .Net Framework 4.0 installed on your IIS server. If you have installed .Net Framework 4.0 on your IIS server, please run "aspnet_regiis -i" in C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.21006

If above does not work for you, do the following

  • Open IIS
    • Expand IIS Server from Left Menu
    • Expand "Sites"
    • Click on the website name you are having issue with
    • Double Click to open "Handler Mappings"








    • Under "ACTION" menu Click "Revert to Parent"


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