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How to Register a MP4 Mime Type in IIS

Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) types instruct the user's Web browser to open a specific program for a file extension. MIME types are sometimes customized file types created by the website programmer. The MP4 MIME type is a video type, and it is configured in Internet Information Services (IIS) console. This instructs the user's Web browser to use the default video application when running this file from the website pages.  

  1. Click Windows "Start" button. Click "Programs" and then click "Administrative Tools." In the list of menu options, click "Internet Information Services Manager." This opens the IIS console.
  2. Click the name of your IIS Server on the left panel. This enables several options in the central details pane. Double-click the icon labeled "MIME Types." On the right panel, click the "Add" link. This opens a configuration dialog box.
  3. Enter ".mp4" into the "File Name Extension" text box. In the "MIME Type" text box, enter "video/mp4." Then click the "OK" button.
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