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How to create a Plesk domain backup in your DNN4Less Control Panel?

You will need to log into your DNN4Less control panel by doing the following:

  1. Open up a web browser and navigate to the following URL:
  2. Enter in your username and password that were sent to you when your hosting package was created and click “Sign In” (the username will be the primary contact email address of the hosting package administrator).
  3. Once you have logged into your control panel, Click “Subscriptions /Domains”
  4. Select and click a Subscription
  5. Click “Website & Domains”
  6. Click “Backup Manager”
  7. Click “Back Up”
  8. As you cannot specify the file name for the backup, please add a prefix for further searching. You can also write the brief comments for the backup.
  9. Set the volume size of backup and select the location of the backup. By default, the backup will be stored in the same server. If you want to perform a remote backup, please select “Personal FTP repository”.
  10. Enter the email address to receive the notification upon task completion
  11. Select the backup content then click “Back Up”
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