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Telerik Radeditor Showing background image (DNN - DotNetNuke)

DotNetNuke Telerik Radeditor shows the background graphic rather than a blank white page to enter text.


Step 1.

  • Make sure to backup "EditorOverride.css" file before editing.
  • Open "EditorOverride.css" file from (Providers\HtmlEditorProviders\Telerik) folder.
  • Add the following in the end

 background-image: none !important;

Save the file and check; If this does not solve the issue, perform step 2.

Step 2.

  • Make sure to backup "Skin Stylesheet" file before editing.
  • Open skin stylesheet (usullay called "skin.css") from your default skin folder (Portals\0\Skins\yourskin (where "yourskin" is the actual name of your real DNN skin)
  • Modufy the Skin Stylesheet as follows

    body { 

      background:transparent none repeat scroll 0 0;   margin:0 0 25px; /* Specific to skin */

    #Body  background:#BE37TR url(images/bg_commun_header.jpg) repeat-x scroll left top;/* Specific to skin */    margin:0 0 25px; /* Specific to skin */   padding:0; /* Specific to skin */  

  • Save the file and check the RadEditior
  • You should be good now.

Feel free to leave comments.

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