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How to export DotNetNuke Portal

  1. Login to your DNN website as host (Super User Account)
  2. Navigate to Host >> Portals
  3. Scroll down to Export Template and select the portal to export from the dropdownlist. You can also choose a file name and description if you wish.
  4. Checking include content will also copy the content contained in each page/module.
  5. Click export template

Once the portal has been exported you should receive a message like:-

The Portal Template Has Been Created to C:\...\\Portals\_default\DefaultPortal.template

This will now allow you to create new portals (based on the above template) for this dotnetnuke installation. If you want to create it another dotnetnuke installation, copy the files (to \Portals\_detfault) *.template, and *.template.resources. (where * is your file name)

The .template file is the xml description of the portal and the .template.resources file contains the data for each page/module.

Choose files or drag and drop files
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