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How to move a DotNetNuke website to a different server

Backing up and restoring a DotNetNuke site is easy, if done properly it will be quick and painless.  


There are two parts of your site: the website file system and the database.  Both parts must be included when backing up and restoring.

File System: Simply make a .zip / .rar file of your website directory usually (httpdocs) Download it using FTP if you are on a hosted server.  
Database: You can use either your hosting control panel or SQL management studio to backup your database. (Backup file with .BAK is preferred) Zip the backup and download it.

Upload these two files to the new server.


  1. Copy and paste your website files to your new server with in the 'httpdocs' folder of the domain.
  2. Restore your database to the new server.  You will need to create a new blank database and then restore the database.
  3. If there is going to be a change in domain name, eg from localhost to  Open your database with SQL management studio, and find the PortalAlias table.  Change every row with the old URL to the new URL.
  4. Change both connection strings in the 'web.config' file according to the new server, database, database user name and password.
  5. Make sure that IIS settings and file permissions are correct.

If you are DNN4Less client you can contact our Support Department to get assistance.

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