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Set Up SmarterMail for TLS

This article goes over setting up TLS for SmarterMail.  The server must have a SmarterMail Enterprise License in order to use this feature.  This article applies only to Cloud and Dedicated Servers.

  1. Log into the server via Remote Desktop.  If you are unsure of how to do this, please see Connecting to a Server via Remote Desktop.
  2. Open Internet Information Services (IIS).  Find the SSL that will be used to set up TLS and export it to a PFX file.
  3. Next, log into SmarterMail as the server administrator.  This is typically or depending on the server configuration.
  4. Within SmarterMail admin, navigate to Security > SSL and choose Add SSL.  Enter in the following information:
    • IP Address: IP of the site in IIS under the SmarterMail site
    • SMTP: 25
    • POP: 110
    • IMAP 143
    • Type: TLS
    • Certificate Path: the path to the PFX file generated
  5. Now you can test the setup of TLS.  Open a command prompt and type the following: telnet 25 (where is a domain on the server)
  6. The test will reply with the server name and look similar to the following:Trying <xx.xx.xx.xx>
    Connected to

  7. At the prompt, type ehlo and a response similar to the following will Hello [xx.xx.xx.xx]
    250-SIZE 104857600



    250 OK
  8. If you see the line about STARTTLS, TLS is setup correctly for the domain.
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