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Let's Encrypt Installation

Let's Encrypt is free and you can install it from client area. It does not require dedicated IP address for the website. The certificate is valid for 90 days. It will be automatically renewed 30 days in advance before its expiration.

Please follow the instructions below to install it on the domain.

  1. Select the subscription from the client area.
  2. Click on Let's Encrypt option and fill in the following details. Email address: Select what else can be secured: select this option if you want to secure www part of the domain. Select the domain aliases to secure: select the required domain aliases to be secured from the textbox "Selected domain aliases:"
  3. Click Install to complete the installation.


If the site has DNN installed, then a few more steps need to be followed.

  1. Take backup of the database. Use the "Export Dump" option of the database.
  2. Run the following query on database.

    INSERT INTO HostSettings (SettingName, SettingValue, SettingIsSecure) VALUES (N'AUM_UrlsWithNoExtensionRegex', N'.asmx/|.ashx/|.svc/|.aspx/|.axd/|/.well-known', 0)

  3. You can use the DNN SQL Console function to run the query
    1. For DNN 8.0.4 and below go to host > SQL and run the query there
    2. For DNN 9.0 and above go to Settings > Site Settings > SQL Console
  4. Restart the application pool of the site. This can be done from option "Dedicated IIS Application Pool for Website" in the control panel, or through the restart application pool function in DNN. After these steps, you can access the site securely using the Let's Encrypt certificate.
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