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Setting an Under Construction Page

Setting “Under Construction” page to a DNN site

1.Take a backup of webfiles and database.

2. Paste the following code in a new text file.

Under Construction!

Sorry for the inconvenience. We will be back online shortly!

3. Save the file as “App_offline.htm”.
4. Copy the file to httpdocs folder of the domain.
5. As soon as the file is created, the web application will be shut down and the user only sees the content of the app_offline.htm file.
6. Call the site in browser and you will be viewing the under construction page.
7. After the work/update has been concluded, just delete or rename the file. You don’t need to create a new file every time for having the maintenance page.
Just rename it to App__offline.htm (e.g. with double underscore) and switch it back to App_offline.htm when needed it for the next update.

Note: You can edit the script given above according to the requirement.

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