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Editing Your Personal Settings in DNN4Less Control Panel

Your personal settings are:

  • The logging name. This is not an account name, this is a name of a user registered in your account with the particular login and password. In other words, this is the name the Control Panel welcomes a person with when he (or she) logs in. If you change this name, your login credentials will not be affected.
  • Your personal external e-mail address (also used as a login to the Control Panel). Note that this cannot be a web-based e-mail like or since orders that list such e-mail addresses are not accepted. This should be the e-mail address you have with your Internet Service Provider.
  • Control Panel interface language to be set automatically on your logging in to the Control Panel.
  • Your password used to log into the Control Panel.
  • The skin (images and palette) to be automatically set on your logging in to the Control Panel.
  • Your personal time zone so that all the system messages and notifications will be bounded to it. In respect to registration of the events that happen within the system, the Parallels Business Automation - Standard database is bounded to GMT. This means that automatically-generated notifications and system messages (for example, about the end of a system trial period) may occur to be hardly-understandable for people that reside in the other time zones. You can change the personal time zone, so all the time-related data will be bounded to your actual time zone without the need for you to recalculate time.


Interface settings are:

  • The help bar (additional help topics) location at your Control Panel screens
  • Availability of tooltips (additional hints that appear when you point mouse on one of the items in the left menu)
  • Appearance of the page load bar
  • The first action on Control Panel log in


To change your personal logging settings and time zone:

  1. Click the Account tab;
  2. Select Personal Profile.Your personal logging settings appear on the screen;
  3. Click the Edit button. The screen reloads with your personal settings for editing;
  4. Edit your personal settings and click the Update button to save changes.


To adjust the display settings:

  1. Click the Account tab;
  2. Select Display Settings. The help bar settings appear on the screen;
  3. Click the Change button. The screen reloads with help bar settings for editing;
  4. Edit the display settings.
  5. Click the Update button.
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