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Reassigning Account Contacts in DNN4Less Control Panel

Your account holds contact information (account owner name, postal address, and phone number).

Personal accounts hold the customer personal information, and contacts. A registered customer can have only one personal account. A personal account is named by its owner name.

Business customer accounts special contact information (administrative, billing, and technical contacts) in addition to all data included in personal customer account. A business account is named by a company name.

What are account contacts? The name(s) of responsible person(s), the phone number and e-mail(s), so that your Provider could contact you if necessary. This information is also used in automatically-generated e-mail notifications.

The contact information is the mandatory attribute of any account. As for billing and technical contacts for business accounts, they can be the same as administrative one or different, but the valid contact must be specified in all cases.

Note: Please, do not mix the account contacts with your personal information. account contacts (names and e-mails) have nothing common with your login credentials and do not affect them.

To change your contact information:

  1. Click the Account tab and select Account Contacts. You will see the current contact for your account;
  2. Click the Edit button to change your account contacts:
    1. For personal account, the contact information is considered as administrative, technical, and billing contact at one time. Just type the new contact.
    2. For business account, you have the three separate sections for administrative, billing and technical contacts. You can enter the different contacts for each one. Or you can just specify an administrative contact and 'paste' it into the billing and technical sections by marking the Same as administrative contact checkbox;
  3. To save changes, click the OK button.
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