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Entering Arbitrary Online Payment

If you would like to put an arbitrary amount on your Account balance, for example to use this amount in future to pay invoices or renewal orders, you can enter an abstract online payment, which is not bound to any of unpaid documents existing for your account. Such online payment can be entered using one of your credit cards (registered for your account or a new one) or by a bank transfer.

Note: An abstract payment can be entered and saved with its positive balance only in case there are no unpaid documents for your account. If unpaid documents exist, then this payment will be automatically applied to unpaid documents.

To enter an arbitrary online payment:

  1. Click the Account tab.
  2. After the My Account dashboard appears on the screen, click the Balance icon.
  3. When your Account balance statistics appear, click the Make Payment button.
  4. Enter the amount you want to add into the form that appears.
  5. Click the Make Payment button.
  6. Select the payment method (you can pay by a credit card or bank transfer).
  7. Confirm the payment by clicking on the credit card payment gateway or bank transfer button.
  8. Select a credit card to pay by or confirm your bank account.
  9. Confirm payment.

After your payment is accepted and processed, the relevant online payment document will appear in your Account Billing History.

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