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How do I view billing history in DNN4Less Control Panel?

Your billing history contains the list of all documents connected with your payments.

You will need to log into your DNN4Less control panel by doing the following:

  • Open up a web browser and navigate to the following URL:
  • Enter in your username and password that were sent to you when your hosting package was created and click “Sign In” (the username will be the primary contact email address of the hosting package administrator).
  • Once you have logged into your control panel, click on the “My Account” tab on the top menu of Control Panel.
  • Select the Billing History link or click Billing History icon at the dashboard.

The list of documents displays the following:

  • ID - a document unique numerical identifier assigned automatically.
  • Doc. Num - a document reference number.
  • Document Type - the type of a document (invoice, online payment, offline payment, credit adjustment, debit adjustment).
  • Status - a document current status in respect to payments application. Unpaid orders or invoices or documents paid in part have the Open status. Payments applied in part (with positive balance) have the Open status as well. Paid and processed orders as well as fully applied payments have the Completed status.
  • Subscription - the subscription a document is issued for. Open orders are not assigned to any subscriptions.
  • Document Date - a document issue date.
  • Document total - a document total amount.
  • Document Balance - the unpaid part of a document amount (for invoices, orders, and debit adjustments) or unused amount (for payments and credit adjustments).


Note: To view details of a particular document or pay a n open document click its name or ID.

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